Question: "What is your favorite song of Garth's?"

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Nov.5,1998 From Ashley M..."My favorite Garth song is 'If Tomorrow Never Comes'. I have seen him in concert 3 times. His shows are amazing!!!!! He has so much energy!"

Nov.5,1998 From AJ..."my fave song is off of 'No Fences', it's "Wolves"...
Nov.5,1998 From Danette..."my favorite song by Garth is 'The Dance'...
Nov.5,1998 From Kelly-Elaine..."My favorite Garth Brooks songs are 'That Ol' Wind' and 'Much Too Young (To feel this damn old)' and 'Fever'...
Nov.5,1998 From Nathan..."The Dance" cause the last dance with my brother was great, Rest in peace Sam"...
Nov.5,1998 From Casey..."Friends In Low Places" is my all time favorite song...when he sang that at his concert, my friends and I went buck wild!!!"
Nov.5,1998 From Kim G..."My favorite Garth song is 'Two Pina Colada's' but I also really enjoy his more spiritual songs, like the one about a dream is like a river and the one about not putting the bum down because of the rags he wears because in heaven we will all be the same."
Nov.5,1998 From Martha H..."Shameless"
Nov.5,1998 From Bri..."Rodeo"
Nov.5,1998 From Diane..."The Dance!!!!"
Nov.5,1998 From Adam A..."My favorite Garth song has to be 'The Dance' because of the great messages it sends to people"
Nov.5,1998 From Pam..."Your Song" the live version. Hearing him break up at the end just gets to me"
Nov.5,1998 From Jennifer D..."I love Garth!!! He sings with so much emotion! My favorite song is 'The Dance' but 'You Move Me' is a close second."
Nov.5,1998 From Caitlin...I love The song "The Dance". My ex and I danced to it, and he sang it to me... never thought the lyrics would come true, but they did =*(
Nov.4,1998 From Josh..."I like 'Much Too Young (to feel this damn old)"
Nov.4,1998 From Christina..."Of course 'The Dance' but I still love singing and dancing to 'Two Of A Kind'...I was at the Sept.12, concert in Philly and it was awesome!"
Nov.4,1998 From Toni..."My fav. Garth Brooks song is very hard to choose...all his songs are very inspirational to me and mean a lot to me and how I look at life. So choosing a fav. song is way to difficult...but one of my fav. that has left an imprint on me is "When there's No One Around"...
Nov.2,1998 From Aaron W..."The song "To Make You Feel My Love" is my favorite because it is exactly how I feel about my girlfriend. The songs that Garth sings and writes are real songs that people of any background can relate to."
Nov.1,1998 From Jessica..."My most absolute favorite, meaningful, and special song is "She's Every Woman"...
Nov.1,1998 From Marie M..."I would have to say my favorite Garth song is "To Make You Feel My Love" from Hope Floats"
Oct.30,1998 From Heather S..."My favorite song by Garth is "The Cowboy Song" and "Learning To Live Again", these songs have made an impact on my life, and I get chill bumps everytime I hear them. Thanks Garth! You're the greatest :)
Oct.30,1998 From Jenica H..."I have no favorite, but if I had to pick one it would be "The Dance". An original huh? All of Garth's songs are awesome and they all mean something to me."
Oct.30,1998 From Vicki D..."I love 'To Make You Feel My Love' off of Hope Floats. My best friend (a guy) sings this song to me all the time. It makes me cry, but I love it."
Oct.29,1998 From Sheri B..."The Dance"
Oct.29,1998 From Anonymous..."The River"
Oct.29,1998 From Nancy D..."Shameless"
Oct.29,1998 From Buggs..."The Beaches Of Cheyenne"
Oct.29,1998 From Emily..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is very undecidable. I like them all. I think 'The Thunder Rolls' and 'Friends In Low Places' are my ultimate favorite"...
Oct.29,1998 From Dana B..."I love 'The River' because it gave me strength in some of my most trying times. Thank you"...
Oct.29,1998 From Marcelo N..."My favorite songs are: 'The Dance' and 'Friends In Low Places'...His concert in Brazil was FANTASTIC."
Oct.29,1998 From Ricky..."The Dance" pulls at my heart every time I hear it. That song reminds me that life is too short to let anything pass by. Make every moment precious."
Oct.29,1998 From Mark H..."We Shall Be Free"
Oct.28,1998 From Michael C..."Garth Brooks is by far my favorite entertainer, I always used to think that my favorite Garth song was either 'The Dance' or 'Learning To Live Again'. Then I bought the boxed set after all of my cd's were stolen, I started listening to 'Ropin' The Wind' and song number five came on my car cd player. I listened to it and turned it back, listened to it again, and then turned it back. I immediately fell in love with this song and now if I had to choose one song it would be "Which One Of Them"...
Oct.28,1998 From Joann..."I love all of his songs but my favorite is "Unanswered Prayers"...
Oct.28,1998 From Cheryl H..."My favorite song of all times is 'Thunder Rolls'. I love the loud cracks of thunder and it kind of hits home...So many people really do live with that fear"....
Oct.28,1998 From Lindsey..."The Dance"
Oct.28,1998 From Joan..."I love all of Garth's songs...but one that really hits home with me is..."If Tomorrow Never Comes"...
Oct.27,1998 From Nikki A..."I love you Garth and my fav song of all time is 'The Dance'.
Oct.27,1998 From Jennifer..."My favorite Garth song is "Unanswered Prayers" because when things don't work out the way I want them to, I think of this song and it gives me hope for better things to come."
Oct.27,1998 From Shawn..."Shameless" is my favorite Garth song."
Oct.27,1998 From Raven..."Hows it going? My name is Raven. I am a big Garth Brooks fan. and my favorite song is 'I got Friends In Low Places.' The new version of it."
Oct.27,1998 From ??? "Unanswered Prayers" This song is so true. God knows what is best for our lives, remember that when you Pray."
Oct.27,1998 From Mindy Ann..."I have alot of favorites but one of his new songs that touched my heart is "You Move Me" and "Two Pina Colada's" on the 'Sevens' cd. I love you Garth..."
Oct.27,1998 From Trudy C..."My favorite Garth song is 'Unanswered Prayers'.
Oct.27,1998 From ???... The River...Garth Rules...he is the best.
Oct.27,1998 From Gina R..."I've Got Friends in Low Places" is my favorite of Garth's songs. He is awesome."
Oct.26,1998 From Jennifer..."I really love the song 'Unanswered Prayers'. When Garth came to Chicago in '97 I was there and he was really taken back by the fact that the entire audience carried the whole song through. And he let us! I was really impressed by that."
Oct.26,1998 From Cathy..."I love 'Standing Outside The Fire' and 'We Shall Be Free'...
Oct.26,1998 From Angie..."I love the song 'The Thunder Rolls'. Garth is the most awesome person ever. I dream about him every night"
Oct.26,1998 From Jason E..."You Move Me"
Oct.26,1998 From Debbie W..."My favorite song is 'Every Now and Then" because it reminds me of a long lost love that I have been trying to find. He showed up at my wedding right before I walked down the aisle and I always have regreted not running off with him. I used to think about him all the time and wonder what happened to him."
Oct.25,1998 From Amanda..."My favorite Garth song is "If Tomorrow Never Comes."
Oct.25,1998 From Dani Jo..."The Dance" is my favorite Garth song!!! It just sums up the whole world in a few minutes. When I get married, my father and I are dancing to it for our father-daughter dance."
Oct.24,1998 From Anonymous..."The Dance"
Oct.23,1998 From CMD...'The Dance' is my favorite...it tells the stories of the many heartaches I've experienced.
Oct.22,1998 From Cheryl R..."It is my favorite because it makes me think about all the times I missed out saying I care and now it's too late."
Oct.22,1998 From Todd M..."Unanswered Prayers"
Oct.22,1998 From Huck..."Friends In Low Places"
Oct.22,1998 from Tara..."Unanswered Prayers."
Oct.22,1998 From Josh G..."The River" cause it keeps me going and following my dreams."
Oct.21,1998 From Erik E..."I love 'That Summer'. It's one of my favorites. I'm only 20 and I fell in love with that song a while back. I think it enbodies the adventure of youth."
Oct.20,1998 From Regina L..."Beaches Of Cheyenne"
Oct.19,1998 From Donna H..."To Make You Feel My Love"
Oct.18,1998 From Derrick C..."All Of Them!!!"
Oct.17,1998 From Robert G..."Somewhere Other Than The Night", "The Dance", "If Tomorrow Never Comes".
Oct.16,1998 From Heidi Z..."I love the song 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' also the cd 'Sevens."
Oct.16,1998 From James D..."My favorite Garth song is either 'The Dance' or 'The Change'.
Oct.15,1998 From Michele..."My favorite song would have to be 'The Dance'. It goes straight to my heart."
Oct.15,1998 From Kim L..."The Dance"
Oct.15,1998 From Tracy..."I really don't have a favorite song because all of them are and the ones he does live. Garth is the greatest."
Oct.15,1998 From Dean G..."I would have to vote for 'The River' because it is so inspirational and encouraging for the largest and yet the smallest of dreams as well. Way to go Garth with the positive influence. You will always be remembered. I hope I can fill your shoes someday. We shall see."
Oct.15,1998 From Abby..."My favorite Garth song has to be "The River". It always reminds me to keep going when things get rough and to never give up on my dreams."
Oct.15,1998 From Heidi..."I love all of Garth Brook's songs but my favorite one is 'The Dance'."
Oct.15,1998 From Jessica..."I love 'Thunder Rolls' that was the song that got me hooked on country."
Oct.15,1998 From Toni..."The Dance" is my favorite song because it was played at my father's funeral. Garth Brooks is my favorite music artist since I have been seven years old! Garth has really inspired me to do what is right in my life and I feel that he is the one who has gotten me through all the tough times. I went to Fan Fair '98'"
Oct.15,1998 From Rebecca B..."I love the song 'In Another's Eyes', it touches the deepest part of me because it is real to the things going on in my life. I really appreciate the quality of music."
Oct.14,1998 From Paul..."Garth has so many good songs. It is hard to choose. But my favorite has to be "Wolves". It tells me that no matter how powerful we get, at sometime we need help from the man upstairs. Different people take different things from songs. Thank you Garth for showing me I am not alone."
Oct.14,1998 From Joice H..."I love every song of Garth Brooks. I really like him alot."
Oct.14,1998 From Shay..."Cowboy Bill" is by far my favorite song. It speaks of the human spirit in such a beautiful tribute. I can't help but cry every time I hear it. :-)
Oct.14,1998 From Kasey..."I have 3 favorite Garth songs...'The River'...because it is so inspirational. 'Callin'Baton Rouge'...because it is such a happy song, with the happy fiddle noise and 'Unanswered Prayers'....because of the way it is performed in concert. I was at one of the 9 Garth concerts in Minneapolis... MN loves Garth!"
Oct.14,1998 From Fausto..."My favorite song is "The Dance" and I would know, when Garth is coming to Europe and where?"
Oct.14,1998 From Garth W..."If Tomorrow Never Comes" is a sweet song. It reminds me of my past friends who lived in Taiwan. I never had a chance to say good-bye to one of my best buddies. Like the song said "So tell that someone that you love/just what your thinking of/if tomorrow never comes"
Oct.14,1998 From Silvia in Switzerland..."If Tomorrow Never Comes"
Oct.14,1998 From Kelli L..."My favorite Garth song is "If Tomorrow Never Comes".
Oct.14,1998 From Nikki B..."If Tomorrow Never Comes"
Oct.13,1998 From Erik B..."I love them all but my fav is "Baton Rouge".
Oct.13,1998 From Baby..."I don't think I can pick just one song. While I listen, there are a few songs that make me think, this is my fave, but then I will listen to another and will think the same thing, again. All his songs are great, it is impossible to choose!
Oct.13,1998 From Darla..."We Shall Be Free"
Oct.13,1998 From Jen W..."I love 'Shameless' and 'Much To Young To Feel This Damn Old' so much they make me almost cry everytime I hear them!!!
Oct.13,1998 From Leeza S..."I think your music is great"
Oct.13,1998 From Phil..."I love the song "Shameless"...
Oct.13,1998 From Jaime..."Dixie Chicken"
Oct.13,1998 From Julie S..."My fav. song is "To Make You Feel My Love". At the time being I am affected in a special way...Usually I am more to 'Shameless'.
Oct.13,1998 From Jen..."I love all of Garth's songs, but I really love "The Dance". It totally says everything I want to about how I feel about someone!"
Oct.12,1998 From Rebecca..."Callin' Baton Rouge"
Oct.12,1998 From Tara..."I am looking for "We Shall Be Free." I am doing a project and I am looking for the lyrics."
Oct.12,1998 From Peggy..."My favorite Garth song is "Anonymous" of the boxset "In Pieces" album. It is so beautiful and sadly enough, so true. I love the 50's shoo bop thing in the middle of it!"
Oct.11,1998 From Anonymous..."The Dance"...I like all of Garth's music. I enjoyed seeing him in concert in Philadelphia, Pa."
Oct.11,1998 From Kristy..."Dance!!"
Oct.11,1998 From Michelle..."Shameless is the best Garth song ever!"
Oct.11,1998 From Kendra..."The Dance"
Oct.11,1998 From Kathryn..."My favorite song is "The Dance". I want it to be my wedding song. I love it so much because it reminds me about my best friend Matt."
Oct.11,1998 From Terri..."Shameless" is the BEST GARTH song ever. 2nd would have to be "Two Pina Coladas"!!!!
Oct.11,1998 From Jennifer..."I love all of Garth's songs but my favorite song would have to be "The Dance"...
Oct.10,1998 From Someone..."I think 'The Dance' will always be my favorite. It has such a strong message and so much emotion. You can't sing it without feeling something."
Oct.10,1998 From Matthew F..."Cowboy Cadillac" is my fav cause it tells you how a cowboy felt about his truck!"
Oct.10,1998 From Debbie..."Any Garth song is my favorite song, but like Garth himself, "The Dance" is my favorite of his songs."
Oct.10,1998 From Darlene..."The Dance"
Oct.10,1998 From Robert P..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is 'In Another's Eyes'. That song is so sweet and it reminds me of an old friend who used to sing it with me and we called it our song."
Oct.10,1998 From Mary Beth..."I love every song by Garth!!! He is such a great performer and he loves what he does and it really shows in his music."
Oct.10,1998 From DR.Garthfan..."The Dance" for all time, presently it's 'You Move Me'.
Sept.27,1998 From lil cathie..."My favorite song of Garth's is 'Honky Tonk Bar Assoc."
Sept.27,1998 From Mattee..."Garth and Trisha Yearwood ROCK!"
Sept.27,1998 From Somertime..."All of Garth Brooks songs are my favorites- but I think the one I like best is "Friends In Low Places" 'cause it's a make you feel good song."
Sept.26,1998 From Gregg F..."Favorite Garth song: 'Against The Grain'.
Sept.26,1998 From Diane C..."I'll be seeing Garth in Buffalo on Monday, Sept.28th. My favorite song is 'The Dance'. Can't wait to hear him sing it live!!"
Sept.26,1998 From Amber..."My favorite Garth song is 'Lonesome Dove."
Sept.26,1998 From Ryan V..."I like 'The Dance'. I try to live my life good everyday so when the day comes that I die "The Dance" will be played at my funeral. I can say that my life was all worth the pain."
Sept.26,1998 From Gina L..."My favorite songs by Garth are "Longneck Bottle", "Two Pina Colada's", "Do What You Gotta Do", and "It's Midnight Cinderella". Garth is the Bomb!!!"
Sept.25,1998 From Tasha..."I think Garth has a special meaning in all of his songs but my faves have to be "The Dance", "The Change", "If Tomorrow Never Comes", "The River", "Against The Grain", "Learning To Live Again", and "Ireland"!! Garth is the best country singer and deserves everything he gets. He is truely talented and I hope someday I get to meet him and tell him how much he means to me and how heis songs have been an inspiration. He is a true role model... I wish more were like him!! Believe in life, love and you shall be free and happy!!"
Sept.25,1998 From Gina U..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is 'You Move Me'. I was going through a very nasty divorce and didn't want to ever let another man in. I met a very nice cowboy and almost let him slip through my fingers until he played that song for me. It changed my mind Garth really does reach people."
Sept.25,1998 From Christin... "The Dance" is my favorite Garth song.
Sept.25,1998 From Jennifer P..."Garth you are the best. Minnesota has long awaited your visit. I look forward to seeing your first of nine shows in October."
Sept.25,1998 From Robin..."Hi, I would like to say that my all-time favorite Garth Brooks song would have to be "Friends In Low Places."
Sept.25,1998 From Bill D..."My favorite Garth song is 'Friends In Low Places."
Sept.24,1998 From Julie V..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is 'The River'. I find it inspirational. It helps me to find my way and keep going after my dreams."
Sept.24,1998 From Stephen...'The Dance' is the bomb...
Sept.24,1998 From Nicole J..."Favorite song:'Shameless'...
Sept.24,1998 From Jennifer H..."Favorite song: 'The Dance'...
Sept.24,1998 From Nikki H..."I like 'Unanswered Prayers' the best!!"
Sept.24,1998 From Jenn..."All of them :) But if I had to choose it would be "The River"...
Sept.24,1998 From Keith H..."A Friend To Me" is amazing! My girlfriend and I broke up just as the CD SEVENS was coming out. We had gone out for almost 2 years and she was my best friend. Ever since we heard that song, nothing, not even a breakup, could make us stop being friends."
Sept.24,1998 From Danielle..."I love "Which One" it's a great song I also love "Shameless", "Same Old Story", "Ireland", & "Unanswered Prayers" They all are great songs and have some kind of special meaning to me!!!"
Sept.24,1998 From K.B..."My favorite Garth song is 'Shameless'...
Sept.24,1998 From Lori..."Going to see Garth tonight in Buffalo! Favorite song is 'We Shall Be Free'...
Sept.24,1998 From Rina D..."My favorite Garth song is 'Red Strokes'...
Sept.24,1998 From Greg S..."I think Garth is one of the greatest singers ever. My favorite song is "The Dance"...
Sept.24,1998 From Sarah S..."I love Garth!!! my favorite songs are 'Unanswered Prayers' and 'Every Woman'. It is my birthday today and the feastest birthday present was to see Garth win the country singer of the year on CMA. My goal in my 20th year of life is to see Garth in concert"...
Sept.24,1998 From M.B..."The Change"...
Sept.24,1998 From Kathy ..."My favorite Garth song is 'The Dance'. Garth's amazing voice just adds to the great lyrics."
Sept.24,1998 From Kris..."The Dance"...
Sept.23,1998 From Amanda..."Garth Brooks has been a real inspiration in my life!! All the lyrics to his songs make so much sense to me! I live by his lyrics. He is a totally awesome guy, and I respect him and his music so much!! Thank-you...Oh, and my favorite Garth song (even though this is extremely difficult for me to pick) would have to be "Unanswered Prayers"...Thank-you!!
Sept.23,1998 From Ange..."I love Garth's song 'Shameless'. He is the best singer of all time!"
Sept.23,1998 From Colleen..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is: "She's Every Woman", It validates to me what a Manly Man Garth is and only hope to be loved and understood like that someday"...
Sept.23,1998 From lil cathie..."My mom finally got tickets for your concert in Minneapolis. Whahooooooo! Can't wait to see you!!!!
Sept.23,1998 From William..."My favorite song is 'This Ain't Tennessee'...
Sept.23,1998 From Jaime..."Unanswered Prayers" is the best song that Garth has ever sung. It has the best message and I love the tune. But all of Garth's songs are great...
Sept.22,1998 From Jay..."I would like to say that I think GB is not just a tremendously talented singer and song writer but he's also one hell of a good man!!!! It's hard to pick just one song as a favorite but I think it would have to be "The Dance". God Bless Garth Brooks...
Sept.22,1998 From Zach H..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is 'Shameless'...
Sept.22,1998 From Donna..."I just saw him in concert. What a rush. He is incredible. Where does he get all his energy. There is no way to pick a favorite song. I love them all; most of all him.
Sept.22,1998 From Kimberly..."My favorite Garth Brooks song is "The Dance"...
Sept.22,1998 From Stefanie R..."I want you to know that you are a very kind person. You are someone that people can look up to."
Sept.22,1998 From Rick..."Best song- 'Rodeo'...
Sept.22,1998 From Cindy F..."My favorite song is 'Alabama Clay'...
Sept.22,1998 From Jaime R..."I like 'Friends In Low Places'...
Sept.22,1998 From David..."Ireland is my favorite song"
Sept.21,1998 From Trisha B..."My favorite song is "The Dance" because it is so true. If you actually knew what was going to happen in your life you would sit in a padded room and wait for the end to come. People have to realize that they have to let God take over their lives and from that their lives will have meaning and a certain fullfillment
Sept.21,1998 From Dan..."My favorite Garth songs have to be "Standing Outside The Fire", "The River", and "The Dance". Garth is so amazing, it is so hard to pick which are my favorite. Please, please Garth come to Baltimore! I tried getting tickets for Philadelphia but they were sold out."
Sept.21,1998 From Kristen S..."My favorite Garth song has to be "The Dance". That song means so much to me. They played it at my friends funeral. It is about life. I love Garth. He is my utmost favorite. He is a true hero."
Sept.21,1998 From Alyson..."Well, I really like all of his songs, but I'd have to say "That Summer" and "Rodeo" are my fav's!!"
Sept.21,1998 From Martha..."My favorite Garth song is "The Dance", because it was played at my cousin and my uncle's funerals.
Sept.21,1998 From Lisa..."Friends In Low Places"
Sept.21,1998 From Kelly B..."Garth Brooks Fan Forever!"
Sept.20,1998 From Julie..."My favorite Garth song is "The Dance"...
Sept.20,1998 From Amanda C..."My favorite Garth song is 'The Dance'...
Sept.19,1998 From Joel F..."The first song I ever heard that Garth sang was Thunder Rolls, so that has to be my favorite."
Sept.19,1998 From Mindy..."The greatest song ever written is "The Dance". It's lyrics inspire me when I'm unsure and comfort me when I think I have failed."
Sept.19,1998 From Tony..."Unanswered Prayers is the best Garth song ever."
Sept.19,1998 From Jon..."When the Old Stuff was new is definitely the best...in a close second is "The Dance"...



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