Benjamins poetry
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These are poems asked to be shared by Benjamin...
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Benjamin's Poetry

Tomorrow lies within the thoughts of today.
Yesterday sees action that are far away.
Today we will not be of our own dismay;
But rather, simply watch the things we say.

Always remember the good things of those who die.
And never think whether or not to tell a lie.
We can then gather to reveal the child inside,
And hope there is a day we all will fly.

When feelings of one are led astray,
Can the love of them reunite the day?
Give light to those trapped in the dark,
And find the friends traveling in the ark.

Take pictures of events that are keen,
But beware of those that go unseen.
It is nice to say to the one who teens,
Be my friend and upon my shoulder lean.

Equal we are among the little things,
But still under the same love that God brings.
We go until there's no one else to follow.
I'll be your leader and tie up the sorrow.

Who is the one who thinks of now?
It is but the one who isn't foul.
They are those who want one more chance,
And desire the one and only forbidden dance.

To go without love is the one without life.
To exist in life on knows it is strife.
However, fight the Devil with a sharp knife,
And the Lord will lead you to the right.

Feet will stand exactly where you demand.
Therefore, be careful about walking this land.
I advise to take things in as best you can.
But please do not steal love from another's hand.

Are we to work for the dollar and dime?
Will it give us a never ending chime?
So I ask what are the elements of rhyme?
It's the song of you until the end of time.

Dreams come from the imagination of love and hate;
Angels, from within the doors of heaven's gate.
Does time give way to the evolution of fate?
Or are good things given to souls that wait?
Answers are revealed within the mind which will contemplate.

Complete understanding, and faith will fall.
In the hands of the forgiver is all.
The love of a dove lies on its right wing.
The temptations of you is all that you bring.
Gaze into your eyes and even the Devil will sing.

Gradual are the changes we feel to be alright.
Except those changes that come when we fight.
Be true, be honest, and with all your might.
I'll be sure, be loyal, and hold you tight.
So please do not leave me alone tonight.

How many stars can you see in the night?
The images of you, what I call light,
Is the sweet smell of you and even more.
So let us dance as we did before.

Chances are we had no luck and lost.
Honesty is the gain and of no cost.
Choice has it that we just let go.
Now our hearts, my love, will flow.

Words heard only by thoughts of truth
Leads to the education of our youth.
With lust for luxery one will find
Times they clouded and closed the mind.

Every action if well thought out is just,
Each day is the building of blowing dust.
Here eyes are never anything but crust,
And lies break the hearts of those you trust.

Three thoughts fill this room of emptiness,
The love of you, the Lord, and of promise.
If taken away and of no more business,
Then enter my world with you the one I miss.

Do you not agree to be of best behavior
Until the time He arrives, our Savior?
For your breathing removes clouds in my sky,
Ending the line of questions what if and why.

To possess secrets from the dove not opposite,
Only avoids the making of a counterfeit.
Continue the journey and the word necessary
Giving our life to those we love and carry.

Who is the queen of this never-ending story
Hanging onto this dark December glory?
Tis an angel's graces told through a canary.
Fly and intertwine the wings of those you marry.

Within the many rooms of ever-lasting thought;
Lies, the spiritual tombs of those we faught.

With the sword of mouth I travel by flight.
Defending you and those who cannot fight.

The mind is of no beat the heart can't complete.
So comfort me and my soul 'tis but a treat.

How and when will these clouds of rain roll back
Shining light on the knowledge that I lack?

It shall be the words of time and essence.
Thank you love for your undying patience.


Find the folly of creatures ever torn,
And the memory of you is reborn.
Place me within the chest that you adorn,
Because all I've done since you left is mourn.

Leave the past behind with this point in mind,
Recall me as the soul you couldn't find.
You are the only one I may define
As being closest to that of divine.

Take the little things in stride between us,
And embrace them forever, this is a must.
Untie my hands and there will be no fuss.
We will see eye to eye and never rust.

My love grows when it is my heart you feed.
It's solely you I give my life and seed.
So if you don't make the mistake of Eve,
It will be in you I always believe.

The Trip

How far are the stars
From that Devil we call Mars?
Can you not see their light?
Then my guess is we're alright.

Everything has its time and place.
Are those who live with morals
To die for a single taste?
And be put among the royals?

Money may provide our transportation
Away from our life and pain.
Other than the act of desperation
What do we have to gain?

Think before you act is wise.
Are we as far apart as we think?
You have this choice to decide.
Or is the world the soup of a sink?

Don't be of your own path,
But be that of a spiritual bath.
So behold the trip of a conscience soul,
And in God your life will be told.



People hate for unknown reasons
Just like they mate out of season.
So what do I ask that little demon?
Nothing, because he holds the temptation.

This is a matter held within the clasped hands.
What is placed between the solar bands
Other than the sea and its sands
Bearing its desperate cries and demands?

Can we reunite the musical beat
Of the Lords fine burnished feet?
Let us protect the laws and decrees
Of those who desire the ways of He.

Together let's move toward the light
And book a ticket on the next flight.
We'll fly as high as a winded kite
To the skies and on through the night.

Carry me to the shore of paradise.
Together we will seek what is wise
And tell of truth and of demise.
For didn't Jesus say He'd come twice?


Value your life by protecting moral laws.
Including telling precisely what you saw.
One will then wake to a world with a new dawn
Casting spells of wisdom through words unspoken.

Throw a ball as far as you can and watch.
Throw your life and you best be sure to catch.
Time gets in the way of those who will latch,
But is also hands us the perfect match.

So ask yourself if you give of yourself.
Being sure, toss a penny in the well
And see just how many times you have fell.
One day you may not be able to tell.

Do not be selfish, unjust, or cruel,
Looking up to a sky so full of blue.
Praise the Lord and speak of words that are true.
This leads to the valued life of virtue.


Between my mind and pen
Somewhere is my heart.
Which belongs to a friend
From the very start.

She dances at night
When the music has slowed down.
She waits each day
For that cowboy to come along.

With ink I spell my love.
With eyes I call my love.
With words I tell my love.
With you I belong.

What Do You See Other Than Light

Dashing through these mazes we must pray for a levee.
Within the smoke hazes we often travel unseen.
Dive twice into the same pool of devotion
And one may feel the warm water of motion.

May you and I speak again and sing a song
To the building of a world which I belong?
The minute I grow inside your lovely soul
Can I make you moan by leaving you alone?

Until darkened days fly by me like that of a jet plane
Curiosity will plague me yet again and again.
Behind the doors which enclose spirituality
Are the people who lived a life of pure dignity.

Thunder may shake the air and vibrations of truth
But it can never stop the .... legs of you.
So why don't you ride that ... on over here
Because it's about time I showed you some tears.


Each day passes by the moon which shines in full.
I lay on my back waiting for you to call.
Lit candles envision your body to the wall.
My passion gives way to the enlightened fall.

I regret watching my life pass on by.
Please tell me you will give me one more try.
For angels in heaven are on our side,
From now until the end of endless time.

Fears surround these tears falling from my face.
Just like these few years have been of disgrace.
I want to turn around and find a place
Where you and I may begin to sense taste.

It is in you my heart beats twice as much.
Shaded roads trail behind and protect us.
Let us run away and make some progress
Towards understanding what I profess.

Maybe we can then release depression
Given to us by our dedication
To those who lived by acts of deception.
So do no make this a complication.


With emblems we embody.
They may be allegory
So watch out for two stories.
Knowledge will stick like honey
To breads of the Almighty.
Reunion must by timely.
This is quite necessary.
It's your face I find pretty
When the world is but ugly.
Your words soothe me so lovely
To the song of our pity.
Only one is simplicity.
So let's collide to marry
And decide to be merry,
Until we are heavenly
Above the clouds my baby.


Remembering the words of yesterday,
You always knew exactly what to say.
I've waited my whole life for this bright day.
Lying next to you I will stay and pray,
Until the end of time my honest may.

Tilt this cold earth and warm my lonely world.
From A to Z my girl count one, two, three;
And tell me just what you want me to be.
It's all about how perfect we can see
What's inside you and what's inside of me.

The Aggression of Lies

Dark are their appearances if held to light.
Powerful is their radiance in the night.
They slide what is right, to the left,
Taking until nothing is left.

Twisting is the white cloth full of its colors,
Always inviting and never with borders.
We'll shake our the many lies
Leaving nothing but blue skies.

Was your heart burned by words of heat?
Was your lover the one to cheat?
Hold my hand before I take lead,
Truth and honesty with great speed.


Individually we can be conquered,
But together we cannot be taken.
Forming pillars to separate the supports of each other,
Let's build a bridge for God's sake
And connect the sands of time.
For are we not of one mind?
Giving up on the thought of what's mine;
Rather, pulling up those who are kind.

The Burning Candle

As I stare into your eyes
My thoughts begin to sympathize
With all that is materialized.

For they are the ones stumbling
Over this ground of loving
Always cussing and grumbling.

What I'm saying is that your true
To the life you live so blue
Giving all to those you choose.

So please be my lady
And I'll never say maybe
For it is you I want to marry.


I can't describe to you our lost story.
Can you come back bringing future glory?
I can only write my life of lost love,
Through feelings and feathers worn by a dove.

We have been apart for reasons unknown
Just to find out we speak of seven tones.
It is your body and life I will hold
Far past darkened days and spirits too bold.

Eyes of angels surround and see our souls
Grow to heights that will be forever told.
They will bring us back to an endless sky
Filled with answers to our story and why.

Token of Faith

On to the next day
We work to pay.
Writing in piles of clay
I speak and say away
Another time
Another day
But don't delay.
Lord, I'm in the shade
And the sea gives me faith.
I'm searching for a way.
Lighting each day
With love as I pray.
Lord, have mercy and stay.
Never again to go away.

She Kept Me Up

Chapter one opened and closed,
Laughter fell for lasting doors.
Heaven's gate is above this floor,
A haven for those adored.

A promise for Christ's sake,
A may kiss to keep me awake.

Alone and apart are the lovers.
With broken hearts they discover
The best neighbor for each other.
With love there is no other.

Never look away from my eyes of fire
And my love for you will never tire.

Signs of Song

Riddles and rhymes can often seek time,
Kindle my heart with your love and wine.
Write a poem to your future wife,
Showing her the good side of your life.

We will run close and far through the pine,
Over the hills, moving past a sign.
Dreams are cast onto clouds setting high,
Offering a new love, light, and line.

Just how far are we to travel on?
To the moon, then pluto, then beyond?
Always traveling closer to gone?
Take me to your heart where I belong.

A Tear For You

As I walk towards you
Thoughts arise on what to choose.
To return with a single kiss
And burn this love into bliss,
Or churn the past far past this
Never again feeling blue.

Count the lonely days apart
To publish books about heart.
Search time and space with your mind
And you shall seek what you find....
One who will only be kind,
Rather than a thief or tart.

For these people produce fears
That never have and will, near,
The gift giving of wisdom.
Heaven is the one Kingdom
That grants light to those who come
Back to love holding these tears.

Why Does Love Let Go

Compressed between these thoughts of emotion
Is the woman I love but never mention.
When in sight fire burns my eyes
And my heart begins to adrenalize.

As I stroll around you I begin to learn.
Now that I've turned the lock on the door,
I'm trying hard to listen and not to return
All of my love to the one before.

Can you see me trying to dance for your eyes?
On this blinding stage of life, I see us slip and hide.
When all I want is to begin to remove the lies
And for you to tell me something simple to ease my mind.


For many a year
I shed a tear
Ever slowly building fear

I tried not to cry
For reasons to try
Yet I never knew why

This is the last time
Leaving me on a dime
And taking what's mine

So show me a sign
From your better mind
To make this all divine

Little Girl

Slide to the right
And ride the night
Without a fight

Trip to your man
Gives nothing other than
What you understand

Heaven has angels
That remember
When you fell

Tell me
When your tall
If it's all just a call away

And if Love
Lies on a dime
And bears a rhyme

That has
Been heard
For the first time

I will not near you until
My tears have filled rivers still.
For your eyes, through truth and time,
Should see a good hold me rime ....

Always cunning, always fine,
Forever loving your mind.
Protecting us from bad thoughts
I fight what the Lord is not.

I will be that of a boss,
Giving evil an ol' toss.
Unfortunate is the cost
Of life's lessons learned and lost.

Please hold my hand in the black,
And if not, then back to back.
For I'm Jack and you are Jill
Able to climb any hill.



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