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This is a very short diary story. I hope you enjoy it.


Today I'm eight years old! My mom made
my day special for me. We went down to
Ruth's house and then to the park. Ruth
is eight too. At the park mom told me
that Santa might miss my house this year.
I don't know why he would miss my house!
I'm going to put my light on all night
so he can see it in the dark. That way he
won't miss my house! I want rollar
skates, a new coat with a warm hat and
scarf because when mom walks me to school
the wind takes my breath away. I also want
to see my dad who left last year and never
came back to see me. I think he still
loves me but he never visits. I don't
know why he forgot about me or where he is.
Mom don't know either. I want Santa to bring
me five new dolls too! And baby clothes for
them. I also want a new Slinky because
Johnathon broke my old one at school. I've
been real, real good this year so Santa
would bring me lots and lots of stuff like
he does Ruth every year. I guess she must
be better all year long then me because he
never misses her house. I don't understand
how that is though because I wash clothes,
wash the dishes, clean the house every day
for my mom. My mom works hard at the diner
so I help her out because she is tired when
she comes home. My mom wants snow for
Christmas. I asked her what she wanted and
she don't want anything but Snow. So I
hope it snows and Santa brings me and mom a
sled so we can go sleigh riding! I'm going
to pray to God and ask Him for snow for her
because mom says only God can make it snow.
I hope Santa can see my house if it snows!
oh, Santa can do anything. He won't forget
me. Tomorrow night he comes! I'm so excited.

Mom and I walked down to the corner today where
a nice man was selling Christmas trees for
15.00 but we only had 4.00 and my mom
asked the man if he had any tree that would
be only 4.00 and he said no at first and we
started to walk away when he hollared to us
to come back. When we went back he told mom
that we could have the tree that was over by
the garbage can for free. So mom and I got
that tree and it is pretty!!! Because we
spent the day making decorations out of paper
for it and we used some aluminum foil to make
tinsel that makes the tree glow. While we did
all this mom told me the story about baby Jesus
and how He left His glory to come to earth and
how He was born poor like me and then He grew
up and taught people about God and Love before
He died on the cross for us and that He rose
back to life in three days and He is the
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords and that He
went to Heaven to prepare a place for me and
everyone that believes in Him so that we can
be together forever! She told me also that it
is why we celebrate Christmas in the first
place to remember baby Jesus and Mother Mary
and thier love that they gave us
is the greatest gift I'll ever receive.
Because He is God's only Son.
I love Jesus and so does mom.
Tonight Santa Claus comes and I'm being real
real good! I hope he brings me lots of toys!
I will tell you diary more tomorrow.

When I woke up this morning there was the most
beautiful doll from Santa I ever saw!!! Oh,I
just love her. When I turned her over she
cries like a real baby. That was the only
gift Santa left for me but he did leave me
a note! It is from Santa himself!!! It says
Dear Elizabeth,
You have been the best little girl in the
whole world this year! I'm so proud of you!
You had so many gifts here at the North Pole
I had to rent the South Pole to store them
all! HaHaHa...You know I came across a bad
problem you see and I know you will understand
because your my good little Elizabeth.
There were these few children over in Africa
that were doing some good deeds and I didn't
have enough toys ready for the Christmas Eve
flight out to deliver them all so I took your
gifts and gave them to those real poor kids
in Africa and I knew you wouldn't mind. I
know that because you are a good little girl
that loves to share. Don't you? Now those
boys and girls are happy too because of you
and I'm happy because you would understand
that they wouldn't have any gifts at all if
you hadn't earned so many. I hope you like
the doll. It's the most special one to me
so that's why I gave it to you! My Elizabeth.
Keep being a good girl and next year I might
have to count on you again. We'll see!
Love Santa Claus

Isn't that wonderful! I helped Santa and you
want to know what else happened? I was
playing with my doll when I heard someone
crying outside. It sounded like mom so I went
out there to see why she was crying.
On the front porch there was a big box of food
and boy of boy did we need food! I'm stuffed
now because I ate so much. But my mom was
reading a note that came with the box and a
big garbage bag full of gifts too! It said
Dear Megan (my mom) and Elizabeth,
These gifts are for you from your church and
to remember that God loves you. Merry Christmas!
My mom just stood there crying and crying and
then the most amazing thing started to happen!
A dark cloud came in out of no where and the
sky grew dark as snowflakes started to fall!
huge snowflakes and my mom grabbed my hand
and we danced in the snow singing "Jesus Loves
Me" my favorite song! The funny thing too was
we were both barefoot!!! I will always
remember today and the gift from God, the gifts
from the people that love us, and the gift from
Santa...and the gifts I gave to others also.
Merry Christmas Diary
Love Elizabeth

This story actually stems from events of my
childhood. I hope that it makes you realize
that the charity gifts you give
truly are a blessing to others. It is
something you don't see but it is your gifts
that bring someone love, hope and comfort
knowing there is another human being that
loves them. Thank you for reading and I hope
you keep children like Elizabeth in your
heart and mind during this holiday season...
Your local church will accept donations of
food, clothing, money, or toys...and if not
maybe you could start a community drive to
help your local residents that are having a
hard time during the Holidays.
And remember God sees all your deeds that
are done in private and you can put
a smile on a child face, like Elizabeth
and a gift in a heart that will last forever.
Merry Christmas and God Bless...Diane
(c)copyright Diane
You may print and share this story