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July 4th 2001
Garth performed "We Shall Be Free" in
Philly Pa. before the fireworks show.
I was there and I wrote this poem about it.


*Philadelphia's Garthy Call*

Because of you I come here...
to the city of 'brotherly love'...
standing in the sweltering sun...
'neath God's heaven above.

The people they're all talking...
like friends forever missed...
These moments are too few...
so, I savor this Garthy bliss.

America's celebration...
The fireworks that fall...
the song "We Shall Be Free"
flowing from the lips of all.

Hearts afire with love...
clapping hands to the beat...
'having faith' and 'believing'...
one day we shall be free.

The Liberty Bell that rang here...
so very long ago...
still resounds the echo...through
the skyscrapers row.

The words from the old testament...
engraved upon that bell...
Proclaimed the liberty of this country...
oh so very well.

"Proclaim liberty throughout
all the land, unto all the
inhabitants thereof"

And the song "We Shall Be Free"...
resounded among the cities walls...
As a million plus more people...
sang of a Garthy love for all.

copyright 2001 -DG-

"This poem was sent in by a visitor to this page and a fan of Garth Brooks...
Marcia LeCouris

Never in my life has one soul touched me so
Never have I completely lost control and let go.
I stand high on my feet
Forget about my seat
I smile a smile that only Garth can bring.
He's an ever shining light
Stars don't shine as bright.
As the man everyone does love.
Forever he will sing of the gifts life can bring.
He's a true and shining gift from above.

copyright (c) Marcia LeCouris 2/6/99

"This poem was sent in by a visitor to this page and a fan of Garth Brooks...


He leaves his heart to the show
He travels the world to entertain
But to him it is so much more than that
When in concert he'll be under a Stetson hat
Every country fan knows him by name
But he doesn't do it for the fame.
He has sold the most records ever
Over sixty million to be exact.
Who is this man do you inquire
For this poem he did inspire.
He is known by all as Garth Brooks
The favorite man of this country fan.

copyright(c)Stephanie 1998

"This poem was sent in by a visitor to this page and a fan of Garth Brooks...
Tina Kauffman.

Rising up through the stage
I see this man
No, Wait!
I feel this man
His music giving perfect meaning
To the word 'Emotion'
As his voice echos
throughout the hearts of the crowd
It's as if I can touch him
Only by listening
creating a closeness
bonded solely by our beliefs
And making me proud
To be a Garth Brooks fan!

Copyright (c) TINA KAUFFMAN 1998

"This beautiful poem was presented to Garth, Sandy, and his three little girls at a concert by Tracey Gibson from Canada... The poem will tell you about the roses, the color and what each stood for."

A yellow rose for Sandy

for being so strong

and sharing her husband with

the world for so long.

For three sweet little girls,

three pink ones I leave

for in their daddy,

so many "believe!"

A red rose for Garth

I thank you for much.

With your music and kindness

my heart you have touched!



Everyone has a path, a little road they take.

Who knows where it goes, We only know where

we've been and what we's all life.

Garth Brooks seems to know...

He has a way of putting a brighter light

on the often dark road ahead.

It's comforting to feel like someone else

Is along on the ride we all take...

My hat off to Mr. Brooks.

He is a true friend to us all.

It only takes one song,

One song that moves someone to feel...

To live...To believe...

It's fortunate that Garth Brooks sings

Those songs, and he does it from the heart...

From the soul...

We could never thank him enough

For what he does...

(C) Copyright- CASEY PETOSKY



The light of the Lord has shone on me,

It has arrived in the form of a man,

A man with such strength,

He just takes me by the hand,

Although he has stumbled,

He can never fall,

His life is in his music,

In which he has a ball,

He's the one who can make everything all better,

And he's the one who can pull things together,

He's always there,

And we know he'll always care,

He can make me laugh and cry,

With a message from deep in his heart,

Through eternity our souls will never part,

He does things without knowing,

He wants to know when he'll give back,

But he already did, we just need to show him,

Words can't describe all that he has done,

His life is our light,

And for that we have truly won,

His name is Garth,

A singer, a helper, a friend,

Garth Brooks is a hero, always through the end.

-(C)copyright- AMBER GETSAY

Garth Brooks Has Chambers Within

Dwelling in the chambers within

the hearts, of all who hear...

Are the resounding echo's of

the music so clear...

The mind wanders upon a path

never before explored...

To learn about the message

within the words..."To Endure"

The melodies lift you up to

a higher place, so it seems...

With the words, a weapon of choice,

and a voice like a sword that gleams...

From lower case to Capital letters,

His name has grown immense...

Reality and honesty he shares

while dwelling within his tent...

When people ask..."Who is that man

in the cowboy hat...

with a voice that touches my soul?"

I just smile and tell them...

"He's a friend you should get to know."

For the paths He wanders upon

in this world and the trail he

leaves behind...are the very same

paths I shall follow thru these troubled times.

His words have saved many from suicide...

His music has fed people around the world.

He has gathered an Association of people...

like a mountain...more then a hill.

To God each night I pray for him...

and this I always will do...

For he has chambers within my heart...

Even after his journey is thru.

The loyalty and love for his family

cuts deep enough forever last...

His name is Garth Brooks...

Just like a diamond... That cuts glass.

copyright(C)1997 Diane

"Garth Believers Time Line"


TIME BEGINNING:"Getting tickets finally to a Garth concert"

TIME DRAGGING: "Three weeks to go before Garth's concert and the time until your sitting in the seat at the concert."

TIME STANDING STILL: "Waiting for Garth to arrive on stage."

TIME PICKING UP SPEED: "After Garth starts singing..."

TIME THE SPEED OF SOUND: "Halfway thru Garth's concert."

TIME THE SPEED OF LIGHT: "Garth's final song."

TIME RETURNS TO NORMAL: "Lights come on and everyone goes home from Garth's concert."

TIME...GETTING LOST IN TIME: "The memory of Garth and the concert."

TIME...THE ENDING OF TIME:"When Garth's world tour is over..."

"FROM EXPERIENCE... This theory has come to mind and I hope you enjoy the humor of it's intention and let Garth continue to control the rest of time that I've defined."

Copyright(C)1997 D.G.

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